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Pilot's Log

NOTICE: As of 28th February 2013 this website has been migrated to a new server and will remain online. Please do still take regular backups of your data. Thank you to Matt Dearden for all his work in developing and running the site for the last few years.
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Pilot's Log is a totally free online logbook for pilots. It allows you to create an online copy of your pilot's logbook where you can see your current flying statistics to date, all the aircraft types you've flown, airfields you've visited, friends you've flown with* and how current you are for carrying passengers.

*on Facebook only

Main Features:

  • Store an online copy of your flying logbook
  • Customisable logbook view (i.e. can hide columns; SEP, MEP etc)
  • Add/edit entries, aerodromes and aircraft data
  • Store logged times as normal (x:xx) or decimal (x.x)
  • Automatically calculates flight times
  • Automatically fetches METARs for departure and arrival aerodromes (or nearest available)
  • Full statistics page including total flight time, aerodromes, aircraft flown etc
  • View all airfields in Google Earth
  • Fully integrates into Facebook, allowing you to display your statistics on your Facebook profile as well as tagging friends you've flown with
  • Can export your logbook as CSV for use in Excel or other spreadsheets
  • Also export your logbook as a mySQL dump for use in your own database
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