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Pilot's Log

NOTICE: As of 28th February 2013 this website has been migrated to a new server and will remain online. Please do still take regular backups of your data. Thank you to Matt Dearden for all his work in developing and running the site for the last few years.
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Pilot's Log has an ever growing list of aerodromes that are added by you, the user. Once added, all other users are then able to log these without having to enter the details themselves. You can enter aerodromes into your logbook using just the name or the ICAO code.

Adding a new aerodrome to Pilot's Log

The longitude and latitude values are fetched automatically from online sources, but occasionally Pilot's Log needs you to enter them. A link through to Google Earth is provided to aid this. Once added, you can also view all logged aerodromes from Google Earth as well as see the great circle distance between departure and arrival aerodromes.

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